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Throwback Natural leaf Cigars

Throwback Natural Leaf Cigars in Wholesale

If you are a wholesaler or retailer who is looking to buy throwback cigars in bulk, as a leading cigar distributor in the USA, WSM Wholesale would like to introduce various flavors of natural leaf throwback cigars at a very competitive price.

Currently, we have a box of 40 Throwback cigars, each box contains 4 packs with 5 cigars in each pack making it perfect for bulk purchase. No matter what quantity you need, we have enough stock of throwback cigars to meet the demand of all the customer that comes to us. All you need is to register as a wholesaler or retailer and place your order online.

We also provide both delivery and local pickup service, so that you can easily get the cigar at your pace.

Why Throwback Cigar

Throwback Natural Leaf Cigars create an ideal smoking experience for any level smoker. With unique combinations and smooth pull, it elevates cigar smoking in a new way.

These cigars utilize all-natural tobaccos and come in an array of flavors. From Sweet Aromatic, Russian Cream, Wild Berry, Black Velvet, Grape Cherry Blizz, Banana Nana and Original, there’s a favorite for everyone. Offering both the look and feel of the Wild West with their distinctive features of unfinished heads and frayed ends, they are hard to mistake for any other cigar.

Whether you like originals or are a sweet tooth smoker, this affordable brand offers one-of-a-kind selections with a proven track record of reliability and consistently incredible taste. Aged for 12 months, it allows for the natural sweetness to emerge to its surface before the addition of any flavors. Unlike anything in its category, Throwback Natural Leaf Cigars create a lasting impression for smokers.

Throwback cigars flavors


Russian Cream

Sweet Aromatic

Wild Berry

Grape Cherry Blizz

Banana Nana

Black Velvet

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. How much do Throwback cigars cost?

The price of a cigar can differ for wholesalers and retailers. You can check the price of cigars once you register on our platform but we guarantee you the best price for bulk purchase compare to other sellers.

2. How much cigar does a box contain?

The throwback cigar box comes with a total of 40 cigars. Each box contains 4 packs with 5 cigars in each pack.

3. Where can I buy a throwback cigar wholesale?

If you are looking to buy throwback cigars in bulk at wholesale price, look no more than WSM wholesale. We are a leading distributor of cigars in the USA and have various flavors of cigars at the best price.

4. How are Throwback cigars made?

Throwback Natural Leaf Cigars are hand-rolled by experienced cigar artisans who understand the subtle nuances in every turn of the leaf and smooth packing of the all-natural tobacco. This is why they have an unfinished head, tapered-down frayed foot, and intensely aromatic smoke that’s truly one of a kind.

5. Are throwback cigars good for beginners?

Made with all-natural leaf and tobacco, Throwback Natural Leaf Cigars create an ideal smoking experience for any level smoker.

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